View from the Front 124

18th June 2021

Make a note in your diary – all being well we will resume “proper” rehearsals on July 20th at Love Lane Methodist Church Hall.

A big disappointment but not unexpected is the fact that we must wait another 4 weeks before resuming proper rehearsals in some form or another. Meanwhile we will continue to Zoom and count the days!

Last Tuesday we looked at “Imagine” giving Phil a break from trying to merge the parts whilst accompanying. There are several points to remember. First is that tenors do not sing on page one, but they must be ready to do so immediately on page two. Also, there is no break  before the in the lyric s in the last two bars on the top of page 2 and again on page 3. On bars 18 to 24 the tenor one sings the top line and tenor two splits. Bass splits on bars 27 and 28 – take the lower note if you can and note the bass entrance on bar 43 is half a beat behind the other parts. As I mentioned on Tuesday this is an arrangement of two halves and the words at the end of each are slightly different and of course the harmonies are also different, but we will sort that out on 20th July or thereabouts.

The other main piece we rehearsed was “Memory” chosen so that Chris could have a break from it, and you would get to hear not just the baritone line. Well done Chris, and duettist Avis! Slight differences to the written score are words in bar 5 second time are changed to “Life was Beautiful….” And at the very end the “…gun” of begun is sustained through bar 54 and fade to silence. As always identify and watch the dynamics.

Attached is the chorus part of Wellerman which we may look at on Tuesday, with a view to bringing it into the repertoire later in the year.

Pieces for next week are:

  1. It’s A Grand Night (Baritone Dominant) –
  2. What Would I Do Without My Music (score attached)
  3. California Dreamin’
  4. Working Man (T2 Dominant)

Chairman’s updated Roadmap is again attached.


Chairman’s Updated Road Map

I am not too sure about a Road Map as the road seems long with many a winding turn at present but here goes:

  1. We await further government advice regarding amateur singing and rehearsals inside venues. Until 20 July all rehearsals will continue on Zoom unless new regulations are published.
  2. We will therefore move to Love Lane (Pinner) Methodist Church Hall from 20th July assuming no changes in Government Guidelines until it becomes unavailable and thereafter to St Albans Church Hall, North Harrow – more about that later.
  3. The Annual Choir BBQ is booked for Tuesday 17th August at Harrow Rugby Club and this year will be professionally catered. Family and friends will be welcome.
  4. A concert at St Anselm’s , Hatch End on Sunday 26th September is provisionally organised – Father Green is keen to see this take place.
  5. The Annual Concert for the 80th Anniversary of the choir is booked for Sunday 10th October but venue to be announced.
  6. The Christmas Concert at Bentley Priory is provisionally booked for Sunday 12th December.

So please put these dates in your diaries and we will issue an update when changes or circumstances alter.