Although, we have a few other performances to go before this one in July, excitement is building for this joint concert In Concordia with the Kings Langley Community Choir, as part of a series of events that make up the Abbot’s Langley Festival. Several associate members have already bought their tickets. There are only 150 tickets available so if you want to attend, don’t wait too long to get yours – all information needed for making a booking is available on the poster. (Click on the image below to open an enlarged version.)

Concordia is the Latin word for “harmony”. Its literal meaning is “with one heart.” The Roman goddess, Concordia was the personification of concord or agreement. Her Greek equivalent was Harmonia. My mythological knowledge does not extend to whether there was any interaction between Harmonia and Apollo. If anyone knows, please do comment below. Nevertheless, an appropriate title on a basic level for any concert but deeper thinking leads to the harmony of two choirs coming together in a joint performance plus the fact that it is part of a series of community events. Then there is the charity that will benefit from the concert. See further details below.

The concert is in aid of Workaid, a charity based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, that tackles poverty by helping disadvantaged people in East Africa and in the UK by providing refurbished tools for life. Click the link above for more detailed information on what they do.

The Abbot’s Langley Festival runs from 16th June to 29th July 2018 and there are lots of varied “Arts” events on the programme, which is worth checking out to see if there is anything else of interest. There is plenty to meet all tastes and all ages. The African drumming workshop should be worth considering and anyone attending could use their new-found skills to accompany HAMC singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight!

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