The choir’s Annual General Meeting was held on 15 May 2018 in the Belmont Room of the Harrow Arts Centre following a shorter than normal rehearsal. Most choristers were in attendance along with the three Trustees, two members of the Music Team and the usual four associate members. It would be good to see more of the latter group attend – something to aim for on the 14th May 2019.

The meeting ran very efficiently. The Treasurer, Chairman and Music Director each gave their reports, which have now also been published in the Members’ area of this website.

Two new honorary Life Vice Presidents were elected as a mark of their dedication and hard work on behalf of HAMC over many preceding years. Congratulations to them both.

The existing Trustees were re-elected for another year, holding the same offices as before. The position of Vice Chair remains vacant.

Four committee members were elected and a fifth co-opted to the committee.

An Independent Examiner was appointed to undertake an independent examination of the HAMC’s accounts for this financial year: 2018/19.

It was agreed to raise the annual subscription for Singing Members to £100 per annum, which still gives extremely good value for money. You would be hard pressed to find a local choir that you could join for less and some of those also expect the choristers to buy their own copies of music and they usually work to three terms so have less rehearsals throughout the year.

Many people were thanked throughout the evening for all they do for the choir. The choristers were also thanked for their participation throughout the year. In return, those present would like to thank the Chair’s wife for cutting down his report by 50% and enabling the meeting to finish on time!

A special award was made to Geoff Lee to mark his 25 years as a Harrow Apollo Chorister. Geoff makes an extra contribution both as the choir’s music librarian and the leader of the bass section. Geoff was presented with a gift from his fellow choristers of a voucher for use at a local restaurant by Chairman, Richard Evans, so that Geoff and Anne can enjoy a special meal. Hopefully, they will be able to reminisce over many happy HAMC events that they have enjoyed over the last 25 years.