100 Club

Not already and member of the 100 club? If eligible (see below), why not join? You have the chance to win a significant cash prize each month, while supporting the running of the choir.

Between 2008 and 2017 the 100 Club has raised over £12,500: invaluable support for the choir's activities.

The Harrow Apollo Male Choir 100 Club Draw is a Small Society Lottery, registered by the London Borough of Barnet, in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, and has been in existence since November 2007.

Membership of the Draw is limited to Singing, Associate and Honorary Members of the Harrow Apollo Male Choir, and to Friends of the Choir.

To compete in the Draw, a participant must formally express their interest, be accepted by the promoter, and to have paid one or more months' lottery subscription, and continue to pay the participating fee ahead of the draw date .

Participation is limited to a maximum of 100 individuals for each monthly draw. Each participant will be issued with only one numbered draw ticket which will remain constant throughout their period of membership.

The cost for each member of the draw is £5 per month. Of which 50% will be retained by the choir and the remaining 50% will make up the prize pot. The prize pot will issue 3 prizes, drawn at the first choir practice each month, or at the Annual Dinner in November and the Summer BBQ in August. The prizes shall be calculated accordingly:

First Prize: 60% of available prize money.

Second Prize: 30% of available prize money

Third Prize: 10% of available prize money.